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Eviction Form in Eastern, PA and Southern, NJ


Eviction Request Form

Thank you for trusting Evictions Unlimited to help you with your eviction issues. By completing this on-line application, our staff will be able to immediately begin processing your eviction papers.

We will contact you within 24 hours of submission of this application to confirm your request and payment terms.

Also note that this form can be found on our USEFUL LINKS page in a printable form that can be faxed or mailed through the US postal service.
Is the property a:

Name of Property Owner/Landlord: *
Owner/Landlord's Phone: *
Owner/Landlord's Mailing Address
(Must match information on Business Privilege License)
Owner/Landlord's e-mail address *
Name(s)of all Tenant(s) to be evicted:
Street Address of Rental Property(including unit # or floor)
Zip Code
What is the expected monthly rental payment?
Do you have a current Business Privilege License? (Philadelphia ONLY)
Do you have a current Renter's License (Philadelphia ONLY)?
Reason for Eviction is: * (Select All That Apply)
If evicting for non-payment of rent, what is the total amount now due?
If evicting for breach of a condition, what is the condition that was breached?
Has tenant been served with a notice to quit?
Has tenant been provided with a notice to vacate?
Does the lease provide that no notice to quit is required?
Damages to property?
If you are alleging damage to the property, please state the damage and cost to repair:
Has tenant advised you that any rent has been deposited in escrow?
If the answer to the previous question is yes, whay has the rent been placed in escrow?